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Wheatgrass Powder & 3 Day Cleanse Bundle!


Our Wheatgrass Powder provides 17 kinds of revitalizing amino acids, 13 vitamins, 10 minerals, fiber, protein and over 100 types of enzymes.


-It is great for cellular renewal and helps keep a balanced pH level.
-A great internal detoxifier that helps you age better.
-Provides you with energy to give you that youthful glow.
-Chlorophyll found in Wheatgrass has the ability to break down poisonous carbon dioxide and delivers oxygen to the cells effectively.
-It neutralizes free radical toxins from the bloodstream.


The only available Wheatgrass product that includes ROOT nutrition.

Our Wheatgrass is cultivated in a sterile environment utilizing indoor aeroponic cultivaion (IOAC) technology. In the technology, even the roots of this Wheatgrass are edible, rendering a truly high-tech health supplement.


Nutrition Hidden within the Roots of Wheatgrass.


Why is the root of Wheatgrass so important? The root of Wheatgrass is rich in nutrients, enzymes and active ingredients. Experiments show both root and leaves contain many types of nutrients, which co-exist in synergistic proportion to form a balance and whole nutrition. They facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Active ingredients found in the root of Wheatgrass, especially Auxin, stimulate damaged cells to undergo cellular repair. Therefore, it is the simplest and most convenient way to increase your energy and strengthen your immune system. One serving of our Wheatgrass is equivalent of 17 pounds of choicest vegetables.



3 Day Cleanse


One set contains 3 days of the cleanse, which includes 3 boxes (one for each day) that provide complete nutrition for three whole days including wheatgrass, electrolyte drinks and 3 thick and tasty shakes containing the patented oil palm trunk fiber.


The So Easy 3 Day Cleanse is a nutritionally-balanced, safe, natural and healthy way for detoxification and weightloss at the same time. It helps in discharging the major toxin called Mucoid Plaque from our body in a short period. The So Easy 3 Day Cleanse is Non-GMO, All-Natural and Organic. It does NOT contain gluten, wheat, corn, milk, egg, sugar, dairy, coloring, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.


The So Easy 3 Day Cleanse is a Wheatgrass based cleanse with only the right ingredients that work together such as vegetables, fruit, oil palm fiber, red rice and many other nutritional ingredients. These ingredients are broken down into powder form to drink so you are not starving/fasting your body for the 3 days but instead feeding your body its nutrients while removing toxins.


Mucoid Plaque (also known as Chronic feces) is created when the body produces mucus to protect itself from potentially toxic substances. Mucoid Plaque is a health threat by reducing the absorbtion of nutrients, impairing digestion, providing a haven for parasitic microorganisms and behaving as a reservoir of toxins.


Visit our 3 DAY CLEANSE page to read more information about our award winning cleanse. 

3 Day Cleanse + Wheatgrass Powder Bundle

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$143.65Sale Price
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