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Wheatgrass Honey & Bio-Coffee Bundle!


Stay at your peak even as you advance in age with Wheatgrass Honey! A sweet tasting blend of natural detoxifying Honey with Wheatgrass.


Regular consumption of Wheatgrass Honey gives you many nutrients such as:

•    Provides you with enzymes
•    Aids in cleansing by releasing harmful body toxins
•    Helps your immune system and promotes anti-inflammatory properties
•    Contains natural oligosaccharides that promote intestinal health
•    Delays aging
•    Supports healthy blood production
•    Helps to keep the ideal pH balance in the body.




Bio-Coffee is exactly what it sounds like; foods to promote life, which bio-engineered like no other coffee in the world. Made specifically to alkalize your body and jump start your digestive system. It is literally the healthiest coffee in the world. 


Bio-Coffee is made from prime washed, organically grown Arabica coffee beans. Its main ingredient is Wheatgrass! The acid-neutralizing properties of Wheatgrass ranked the highest at 66.4 megahertz, as compared to spinach which came in second place at 39.6 megahertz. Further analysis done on Wheatgrass revealed that is has high levels of bicarbonates, alkaline minerals and oxygen-rich chlorophyll which all effectively neutralize acids in the body.

Wheatgrass Honey + Bio-Coffee Bundle

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